Where are Bruges best Waffles hidding ?

 Going around the city of Bruges, by boat, bike or walk, you will quickly realize that the city offers a large selection of food stalls selling waffles. However going to the right place is a must, especially when one waffle will probably cover your hunger for a while!
We did the research for you and compiled a list of the best places to go buy a waffle, even if, honestly the best ones are the ones you do at our Waffle Workshop

 Have fun and bon appetit!

panoramic photo of bruges

albert waffle in bruges


 Don’t hesitate to stop by this lovely charming shop, located in a typical old Bruges’s house. This little take-away waffle shop serves freshly baked sweet Belgian waffles and offers a wide range of toppings, including the best Belgian chocolate (Callebaut) and fresh strawberries. Best Belgian waffles in town !

 Location: Breidelstraat 16, 8000 Bruges
 Opening hours: 1PM - 6:30PM


 Not only they sell home-made delicious ice-cream, but also sweet Belgian waffles! What a great combination! Everything is made there, and Belgian waffles are freshly baked. In addition to their ice-cream, you have a large choice of toppings (fruits, home-made whipped cream and much more!). Don’t think twice about trying the salty caramel sauce!

 Location: Eiermarkt 20, 8000 Bruges
 Opening hours: 11AM - 10PM

fred's waffle bruges
gingerbread tea room waffle in bruges


 Enter in this tiny tea-room and travel back in time. Old school dishes and decoration are looking like coming from a dollhouse. They are only using only fresh product and serve a healthy breakfast. Their crispy Belgian waffles come with fresh fruits and ice-cream. Delightful ! They also have a wide range of tasty gluten-free cakes and waffles.

 Location: Sint-Amandsstraat 29, 8000 Bruges
 Opening hours: 9AM - 5PM (closed on Wed)


 If you are starving for crispy waffles, here’s the place! Lizzie serves giant crispy Belgian waffles, freshly baked, and offers all the best toppings: fresh whipped-cream, Belgian strawberries, hot chocolate … Vegetarian option is also available. The owner of the place seems to be a dog lovers … so the place is dogs friendly!

 Location: Sint Jakobsstraat 16, 8000 Bruges
 Opening hours: 11AM - 5PM

waffles at Lizzies in Bruges


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